Building Perfection the choice of Today's Entrepreneurs 


Senibong 88 is a thriving place for leading entrepreneurs comprising 20 acres of land. Senibong 88 is the best located modern park to serve Singapore and Malaysia with its easy accessibility and excellent amenities.




1,500,000 High Density Population between Iskandar Zone A & D for excellent growth potential. It is reported that 69 million people use the Causeway each year, with 57,000 vehicles (16,750 cars and 35,900 motorcycles) using Causeway each day.




  • 4-in-1 Centralized Function

    Designed with modern look for a strong corporate image in a prime location with excellent connectivity, Senibong 88 is an ideal choice for buyer to connect their property to the  heartbeat of the  enterprise.

    3 Storey Medium Industry Cluster Factory

  • 1-stop Operational Hub

    Simplistic, high functional and comprehensively  equipped the Terrace Factories provide all the essentials and more for today’s fast paced businesses.

    2 Storey Medium Industry Terrace Factory



At the Senibong 88, our business spaces offer flexibility for a host of business opportunities. We present several possibilities to help our clients meet their goals. Now, let’s see how we can serve your business.